Exam Tips

The sure route to success:

Start Early – The Answer Series makes it possible for you to start preparing for your matric exam right at the beginning of grade 11. Acquaint yourself with the range and level of questions as you meet each topic, thereby allowing your understanding to grow gradually and solidly.

Practice Regularly – while the occasional long session of work is beneficial, it is without doubt through regular daily sessions that you will increase your comfort.

Use Your Mistakes – Nothing teaches one quite as much as one’s own mistakes. Be sure to find out why each one of your mistakes happened – be they in homework, tests or exams.

Draw Up A Schedule – A schedule of work and play for every day of the week is the only way to be efficient with your time. You will also enjoy your ‘off’ times a lot more knowing your plan allows it!

Exercise – Regular, good exercise is essential to success. You will concentrate more effectively while studying and sleep more soundly at night.

Vary Your Mode of Work – Share your queries with friends – it is important to learn from one another as well.

And finally… Know that EVERY effort will be richly rewarded!!
Best of luck
The Answer Team