Grade 9 EMS 3in1


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Jason Collins, et al.


This 3 in1 CAPS study guide takes one of the most challenging subjects in Grade 9 and presents the content in an appealing, easy-to-access style.

The three modules are arranged in clearly defined, bite-sized topics and offer:

  • Explanatory Notes
  • Examples, Activities and an Exam Paper
  • Detailed Answers and a photocopiable Template Book

The logical approach and clarity of the notes guide the learner through each content area with graded questions and annotated answers to provide ongoing self-assessment.

Simple, learner-friendly diagrams put the material into context. Learners are empowered to gain perspective and master their skills in each module.

This study guide provides a potent introduction to Accounting, Economics and Business Studies in the higher grades. Teachers and learners of varying levels of interest and understanding will find this book a winner.

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