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Professor John Webb

ISBN: 978-1-920686-76-5

This study guide for Varsity Maths Preparation has been compiled by Emeritus Professor John Webb in response to the dire challenges experienced by first year university students, in Mathematics as well as in courses in Science, Engineering and Business Science, all heavily dependent on mathematical thinking.

By working through the problem sets in this self-study book, learners should develop and test their skills,
on their own, in areas such as algebraic expertise, trigonometry skills, word problems, geometric insight, numerical facility, logical reasoning and flexible thinking. This cannot be taught and is best achieved without assistance and timeously, i.e. prior to students entering university.

The problem-solving techniques which learners could acquire from dedicated, independent use of this outstanding booklet will contribute significantly to their success in the National Benchmark tests (NBTs).

Varsity Maths Prep is a gem for learners who are serious about an academic future.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Delon Naidu

    A gem indeed!

    At the time of reviewing this I am awaiting my matric results and working through problems in the book to get me ready for university.

    Having already written my NBT, I can say with certainty that the problems in this book builds up the line of thought needed to score high on the Mathematics components (both MAT as a whole and, to a lesser extent, the QL section of AQL). I recommend this to any Grade 12 student preparing for the NBT, over NBT Preparation Courses, as the NBTs aren’t like the NSC exam (which only encourages basic understanding and mastery of common problem types as a measure of competency). Students wishing to do well on the NBT must accept the fact that they most likely do not understand the work as well as they think they do – as I did – as part of the learning process, so that they can open their minds up to the unpredictable questions that they will face while writing their NBT. Students must face problems head-on with absolutely no guidance or hints as flaws in one’s own problem-solving approach can only be found by actually being unable to solve a problem, doing research to discover errors in one’s understanding and evaluating one’s understanding and progress as one prepares.

    As a means of bridging the gap between school and university, I can only provide an opinion. The problems succeed in developing problem-solving ability and offer a fresh set of problems that force a student to look at topics covered from primary school to matric with more insight, and to see that there are far more subtleties to the topics studied in school than what is included in the curriculum.

    I recommend this book to all students in matric. It is truly a pleasure to work through and I believe it will benefit students by building mathematical confidence and ability.

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